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    Cabin Porn

    The white band on the cover might suggest a NSFW coverup, but not to worry — there's nothing naked one the pages of Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere except the trees. Written and curated by the creator of the blog of the same name, this 300+ page coffee table gem covers both the best of the homes from the site and a handful of new spots exclusive to the book. Also includes stunning full-color photography by Noah Kalina, how-to advice on building your own forest dwelling, and stories from Wired correspondent Steven Leckart. - Uncrate

    Sizzl - Tinder for bacon lovers.

    When you're looking for love, you can only hope to find someone you love as much as bacon. While Sizzl can't guarantee that, it can guarantee your match will love bacon as much as you do. This dating app for bacon lovers comes from the minds at Oscar Meyer, and promises to connect you with other like minded people. Each potential match shows you a profile picture, as well as how they like their bacon, whether they'd grab, offer up, or split the last piece of bacon on a date, and their location. Just hold down the sizzle button to indicate how much you like them, and if they like you back, you'll be notified so you can start chatting, share some bacon, and maybe even find you have more in common than an affinity for cured meats. - uncrate

    Amsterdam Navigator Beer Shot

    I never understood the small cans of pop (or drinking pop in general), but this makes complete sense for on-the-go/sneaky beers.
    "You read that right: a beer shot. The idea behind these smaller beer cans is that they’re portable and convenient. Simply put one in your pocket or slip one in your purse and you’ll have a refreshing beverage whenever the mood strikes." - dieline

    How to Fix A Patchy Beard

    Growing a beard is pretty much the final milestone on your way to manhood. You spend your formative years looking up to bearded wizards like Ernest Hemingway, Chuck Norris, and Obi Wan Kenobi fully expecting to one day join their ranks. Then you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and see . . . patches? No one ever said there’d be patches!

    The cold, hard truth is that not all beards are created equal. For every Galifianakis, there are at least a dozen sad, scruffy Keanus out there. If you find yourself on the splotchier end of the facial hair spectrum, don’t worry. The good news is that facial hair growth can only get better with time for most young guys (sorry, old-timers). And though there’s no magic potion for miraculously filling in the gaps and growing a full-fledged beard overnight, there are ways to work with what you’ve got.

    Let It Grow Chances are, you’ve never given your beard the opportunity to flourish. Once those first patches pop up after a week or two, you go straight for the razor. We dubbed it The Stubble Cycle, and it does nothing but keep you in perpetual state of patchiness. Try this: the next time you feel the urge to clean shave your stubble, don’t. Give yourself at least a month. It’ll be hard. It’ll be itchy. But there’s no other way to reach your mug-rug potential than by letting your face run free. Once you’ve let your follicles spread their wings, assess the situation. Tidy up your neck and shape your jawline. If everything is satisfactory, congratulations, you have a beard. If you look like Wooly Willy, it’s time to move on to our next tactic.

    Master the Short Game So you went whole hog and patches are still a problem? No worries, the lumberjack look is overrated anyways. Try opting for a more refined five o’clock shadow, a la Tom Ford. It’s shorter than a beard, but not quite stubble. Start by investing in a quality beard trimmer with an adjustable length setting. Trim your beard after a few day’s growth, and really focus on shaping your jawline and cheeks. Both should be nice and clean (and definitely not too high). Patches will be less noticeable, and you’ll have enough facial hair to earn yourself some grooming street cred.

    Brush It Hear us out. If your facial hair tends to be unruly, give it a good brushing or use a comb to control the direction of your growth. We’re not saying sit in front of the mirror and give your beard 100 strokes before bed. Just work it enough to even things out and fill in the not-so dense areas. Go against the grain for a fuller effect. And remember to use conditioner! A lush beard is a happy beard. Avoid shampooing too often; that’ll dry things out and leave your beard brittle. The hair on your face is just as important as the hair on your head, so treat it the same.

    Supplements Honestly, don’t bother. The science behind most supplements is dicey, and the results are inconsistent. Biotin has been a go-to remedy for hair loss and guys hoping to fill out their beards, but there’s no data to actually confirm that it works. Besides, Biotin is naturally found in foods such as eggs, carrots, and milk, so you’re better off focusing on maintaining a well-balanced diet to promote healthy hair growth.

    Facial Hair Transplant Nah.

    Embrace It Sometimes patchy isn’t so bad. If the whole package looks sharp, then a patchy beard can add an element of ruggedness. Just take a look at Game of Thrones’ Pedro Pascal and his rakish ‘stache/stubble combo. Or Bob Dylan circa Nashville Skyline. Or Bruce Springsteen in his prime. Or Johnny Depp, he’s cool! After all, nothing looks better than breaking the rules.

    Source: GQ.com